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          2019 Amenti del Vino International Wine Competition Results


Best of Show

Klinker Brick Winery 2016 Petite Sirah


Grey Ghost Vineyards 2018 Gewurztraminer

Hawk Ridge Winery NV Tail Spin

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Sachem's Twilight

Klinker Brick Winery 2016 Brickmason

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Hyland Red 

Klinker Brick Winery 2016 Old Ghost

Prairie Fire Winery 2017 Estate Vignoles

Crystal Ridge Winery 2016 Old Gate

Klinker Brick Winery 2015 Farrah Syrah

Klinker Brick Winery 2016 Old Vine

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Crosby Black Currant Hard Cider


Sunset Meadow Vineyards 2016 SMV Rose'

Brimfield Winery 2018 Antique White

Cassidy Hill Vineyard 2017 Summer Breeze

Whippletree Winery NV Fierce White

Sunset Meadow Vineyards 2017 SMV Sunset Blush

Hawk Ridge Winery NV Momma Hawk Chardonnay

Cassidy Hill Winery 2017 Merlot

Hawk Ridge Winery NV Happy Hawk

Brimfield Winery 2018 Classic Cran

Sunset Meadow Vineyards NV SMV Shades

Gray Ghost Vineyards 2018 Vidal Blanc

Hawk Ridge NV Trooper's Red 

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV New England Hard Cider


Nassau Valley Vineyards Laurel's Red 

Walker Road Vineyards Red Table Wine

Prairie Fire Winery 2017 Rougeon

Crystal Ridge Winery 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon

Bordeleau Winery NV Cabernet Franc

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Blushing Beauty

Gray Ghost Vineyards 2017 Ranger Reserve

Klinker Brick Winery 2018 Bricks & Roses Rose'

Hawk Ridge Winery NV Talon Red

Brimfield Winery 2018 Brimfield Rush 

Sunset Meadow Vineyards 2017 SMV Country Porch Peach 

Nassau Valley Vineyards 2017 Cape Rose'

Gray Ghost Vineyards 2018 Cabernet Franc 

Jones Family Farms Winery NV Pure Rose'

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Apple Raspberry Blush 

Brimfield Winery 2018 Collecting Time

Nassau Valley Vineyards 2017 Naked Chardonnay

Sunset Meadow Vineyards 2016 SMV Twisted Red

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Strawberry Delight

Gray Ghost Vineyards 2018 Seyval Blanc

Crystal Ridge Winery 2017 Sangiovese

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Crimson Rose'

Prairie Fire Winery 2016 Chambourcin

Jones Family Farms Winery NV First Blush

Bordeleau Winery NV Blackberry 

Bishop's Orchards Winery Stone House White

Brimfield Winery 2018 Vintage Blush

Nassau Valley Vineyards 2017 Peach Ambrosia

Bishop's Orchards Winery NV Honey Peach Melba

Gray Ghost Vineyards 2016 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon



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