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          2016 Amenti del Vino International Wine Competition Results



Best of Show

2014 Hopkins Vineyard Ice Wine (CT)

Double Gold

2014 Hopkins Vineyard Ice Wine (CT)

NV Quady Winery Elysium Black Muscat (CA)

NV Quady Winery Essencia Orange Muscat (CA)

2013 Klinker Brick Winery Marisa Old Vine Zinfandel (CA)

NV Bordeleau Vineyards Meritage (MD)


NV Quady Winery Starboard "Batch 88" Porto (CA)

2015 Gray Ghost Vineyards Adieu (VA)

2013 Klinker Brick Winery Farrah Syrah (CA)

2013 Klinker Brick Winery Old Ghost Old Vine Zin (CA)

2013 Klinker Brick Winery Lodi Tranzind (CA)

NV Walker Road Vineyards Walker Road Red Table Wine (CT)

2011 Mission Mountain Winery Monster Red (MT)

2014 Prairie Fire Winery Frontenac (KS)

2015 Fiore Winery Vidal Blanc (MD)

2015 Snow Farm Winery Crescent Bay White (VT)

2014 Antler Ridge Winery Red Vixen (PA)

2014 Antler Ridge Winery Diamond (PA)

2014 Antler Ridge Winery Ashley Rose (PA)

2007 Fiore Winery Cabernet Sauvignon(MD)

2012 Sagebush Annie's Cabernet Sauvignon (CA)

NV Georgetown Vineyards American Concord (OH)

NV Georgetown Vineyards American Fredonia (OH)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Strawberry Delight (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Apple Raspberry Blush (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Rubus Nightfall (CT)


2013 Gray Ghost Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon (VA)

2015 Gray Ghost Vineyards Seyval Blanc (VA)

2014 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Penelope (MD)

2014 Alfalfa Farm Winery Pomegranate (MA)

2015 Alfalfa Farm Winery Blueberry (MA)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Stone House White (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Amazing Grace (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Celebration (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Honey Peach Melba (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Sachem's Delight (CT)

NV Bordeleau Vineyards Cabernet Franc (MD)

NV Bordeleau Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay (MD)

2012 Pedroncelli Winery Wisdom(CA)

2014 Pedroncelli Winery Bushwell Vineyards Zinfandel (CA)

NV Bordeleau Vineyards Chambourcin Lot 6 (MD)

2013 Sagebush Annie's Cabernet Sauvignon (CA)

2012 Fiore Winery Cabernet Franc (MD)

2010 Fiore Winery Chambourcin (MD)

2014 Antler Ridge Winery Riesling (PA)

NV Antler Ridge Winery Chambourcin (PA)

 J. Nico Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (OH)

2015 Fiore Winery Pinot Grigio (MD)

2013 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Evoe (MD)

2014 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Circe Reserve (MD)

2012 Nassau Valley Vineyards Indian River Red (DE)

2015 Nassau Valley Vineyards Naked Chardonnay Dry (DE)

2012 Nassau Valley Vineyards Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (DE)

2014 Nassau Valley Vineyards Laurel's Red (DE)

2013 Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery Chambourcin (PA)

2014 Nassau Valley Vineyards Peach Ambrosia (DE)

2008 Geno Auriemma Puglia Rosso (IT)

NV Neirano Asti Spumante (IT)

NV Geno Auriemma Prosecco (IT)

2008 Geno Auriemma Cab Sauv-Merlot Barrique (IT)

2014 Jones Family Farm Winery Beacon Light #8 (CT)

2015 Jones Family Farm Winery First Blush (CT)

NV Hopkins Vineyard Gold Label Sparkling (CT)

NV Mountain Spirit Winery Mountain Zin (CO)

2013 Prairie Fire Winery Vidal Blanc Doux (KS)

2013 Cassidy Hill Vineyard Lyra (CT)


NV Jerram Winery Si'l Vous Plait (CT)

2014 Prairie Fire Winery Storm Chaser Red (KS)

2013 Prairie Fire Winery Chambourcin (KS)

2013 Prairie Fire Winery Vidal Blanc Brut (KS)

2014  Klinker Brick Carignane (CA)

2013 Fiore Merlot (MD)

2013 Hopkins Vineyard Cabernet Franc (CT)

2015 Hopkins Vineyard Lady Rose (CT)

2012 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Cabernet Franc (MD)

2014 Suarloaf Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay Reserve (MD)

2015 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Pinot Gris (MD)

2015 Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard Rose (MD)

NV Mountain Spirit Winery Symphony in Red (CO)

NV Mountain Spirit Winery Sophie's White (CO)

2014  Gray Ghost Vineyards Reserve Chardonnay (VA)

2015 Gray Ghost Vineyards Vidal Blanc (VA)

2014 Gray Ghost Vineyards Gewurztraminer (VA)

2015 Sunset  Meadow Vineyards Vidal Blanc (CT)

2015 Sunset Meadow Vineyards  Root 63 (CT)

2014 Sunset Meadow Vineyards Twisted Red (CT)

2013 Jones Family Farm Winery Chardonnay (CT)

2014 Jones Family Farm Winery Woodlands White (CT)

2015 Jones Family Farm Winery Rose of Cabernet Franc (CT)  

2012 Geno Auriemma Pinot Grigio (IT)

2015 Pedroncelli Winery Signature Select Chardonnay(CA)

2013 Snow Farm Winery Riesling (VT)

2015 Snow Farm Winery Leon Millot (VT)

2015 Snow Farm Winery Crescent Bay Red (VT)

2015 Snow Farm Winery Marquette (VT)

2015 Alfalfa Farm Winery Leon Millot (MA)

2015 Cassidy Hill Vineyard Coventry Red (CT)

2014 Cassidy Hill Vineyard Traminette (CT)

2015 Savino Vineyards Frontenac (CT)

2015 Savino Vineyards Seyval Blanc (CT)

2015 Savino Vineyards St. Croix (CT)

NV Walker Road Vineyards Gertrude's Garden White Wine (CT)

NV Bishops Orchard Winery Faulkner's Spiced Apple (CT)

NV Georgetown Vineyards Ohio Apple (OH)

NV Georgetown Vineyards Rhubarb (OH)

NV Georgetown Vineyards American Moscato (OH)

NV Miranda Vineyards Vinho Nova (CT)

2015 Mission Mountain Winery Riesling (MT)

2015 Happy Valley Vineyard & Winery Three Sisters (PA)

2014 Nassau Valley Vineyards Cape Rose (DE)


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